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Hervé Schlosser, CEO and founder of Sportnco, spoke with CIO Applications Europe as part of its ‘Casino Tech Solution Providers 2019‘ focus. Sportnco’s chief executive explained how sports betting isn’t just an additional revenue stream for casinos, it enhances how they can generate extra income.      

Sportnco’s solution is an omni-channel platform that enables casinos to offer online betting products to their players with a clear focus is on ease-of-use and mobile and online sports betting platforms are increasingly being adopted by casino operators looking for additional revenues. This is a logical move for casino groups, because on top of being a further revenue stream, sports betting offers regular events and content that players can bet on every week.

It is also perfectly suited to mobile betting as players can follow live sports and bet on them in real time. However, seamless integration of online betting platforms within the existing IT  infrastructures of traditional, land-based casino operators is not easy.

The highly regulated nature of the gambling market also poses an additional challenge for casinos to remain compliant with the changing regulations. A versatile solution that can easily integrate online platforms into existing IT systems, as well as satisfy compliance in regulated markets, is essential.

Enter Sportnco—a specialist betting solutions provider that offers casinos a flexible sportsbook to boost their profitability in regulated markets. “Our technology and next-generation APIs enable a seamless integration of online sports betting platforms with legacy IT or accounting systems, offering an efficient sportsbook for casinos,” says Hervé Schlosser, founder and CEO of Sportnco.

The group provides sports betting solutions to major European land-based casino groups and online gaming operators. The company’s turnkey solutions allow clients to add an online sports betting vertical to their casino activities. “Sportnco’s solution is an omnichannel platform that enables casinos to offer online betting products to their players with a clear focus on ease-of-use and mobile, which is by far the fastest-growing channel for betting,” continues Schlosser.

The players can place live bets during a game and view outcomes in real-time from anywhere instantaneously, thereby driving turnover and revenues for casinos. With Sportnco, casinos can ensure the smooth integration of a brand new vertical into their existing platforms, thus improving returns and significantly boosting retention rates.

As a valuable partner to prominent European casino groups such as JOA Casino, Casino Gran Madrid, Casino Barcelona, and more, Sportnco is fundamentally transforming sports betting into a thriving profit centre for land-based casino businesses. Casino groups can leverage the company’s flexible solution and add a sportsbook tailored to their specific business requirements; be it in relation to their corporate brand and image or internal expertise and user experience.

Sports content and trading expertise

Sportnco’s platform features thousands of pre-match, in-play, fixed odds and pool betting markets on more than 50 sports and 35,000 events per month. Sportnco’s extensive industry experience across major regulated markets in Europe for over a decade means its platform is highly audited and certified to deliver a stable and robust user experience for casino groups.

The company’s experienced teams of marketing specialists, software engineers, odds compilers and risk management experts develop best-in-class software to produce fully integrated solutions for their casino partners. “In our sports betting solution, we provide the front office and back office software, along with betting content and the risk management tools to improve margins for our clients,” adds Schlosser.

Risk management is a key skill of running a sportsbook: Sportnco’s expertise in this field means it is able to accurately assess players’ risk profile according to their betting activity and counteract and manage this risk by tailoring the sports bets available to them. Sportnco’s focus on regulated markets means the group is accustomed to working in highly regulated markets such as France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and more.

The know-how it has acquired from those markets means it is able to offer betting solutions that produce profits and margins for their clients in countries where high levels of regulatory compliance are required. The group will soon be launching with clients in Portugal, Argentina and the US and is looking to initiate quality acquisitions to empower its B2B portfolio.

Sportnco’s focus on regulated markets, mobile and expertise in risk management and trading mean it is the perfect platform for casinos looking to enhance their revenue streams.

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